Friday, June 23, 2006

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Petit Chou mean?

Petit chou is French, and is a common diminutive, with a meaning close to the English "sweetheart". It literally translates to "little cabbage".

Why do you spell alot of words with that pesky "u" ?

Growing up I was an avid reader. Much of the literature I read came from the UK and Canada, therefore I learned to spell many words the British way. (Examples would be colour, favourite, etc.) It bothers some people, but despite every effort on my part, I simply couldn't stop spelling these words in this way, so I gave up.

What's it like in California?

California is breeze and palm trees. It's ocean and pine and beckoning foothills. It's wind and sun, sun, sun.

In taste, California is dark black olives, it's savoury smells from taquerias and Korean barbeques. It's huge portions of pink shrimp and it is fresh tomatoes just plucked from the vine.

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